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Build your resilience to fuel creativity

Build your resilience to fuel creativity

In the face of everyday creative challenges learn to respond in a resilient way and uncover tips and techniques to help you react better to change.

In all creative roles, both in-house and in agencies, pressures, set-backs and changes are inevitable. As much as we might try and hide from these, it’s these everyday challenges that can actually teach us how to cope with clients, tackle difficult briefs, nail pitches and embrace feedback. And, ultimately, make us better creatives and team players, and have bolder ideas. What gets us there is resilience.

Masterclass Outline
Using creative techniques and collaboration, this Masterclass will help you understand more about your own resilience, how to increase it and how to embrace challenges to fuel your own creativity. You’ll learn how you respond to challenging situations, understand the common scenarios that test your resilience and learn techniques that will help you cope with changes that will come from any side. This half-day workshop will help you reflect, question and examine your own resilience, and equip you with the skills to be more resilient and build confidence as part of a creative team.

Learning outcomes, by the end of this workshop you will:
Learn why resilience is important and how it can support creativity
Look at how you respond in resilience testing scenarios
Learn how to accept changes and feedback, and still keep your creative integrity
Create your own toolkit of ways to prepare for and support you in challenging situations

Suitable for
Anyone working in a creative environment, in particular those generating creative ideas
/ content and who are client facing.
This is suitable for people at any level but would really help those who are starting out in
the creative industry to build their resilience from the off.

Your Facilitator

Before setting up her coaching practice Kate Rees was working as a team coach for ustwo London, supporting teams working with clients in areas such as finance, auto and retail. Prior to this she worked for 15 years in a wide variety of creative companies. She has trained with The Resilience Institute, Kaos Pilots, Barefoot Coaching and most recently completed the Academy of Executive Coaching, Resilience Accreditation Programme.

It wasn't until Kate learned about resilience that she realised that had spent a lot of her years at work feeling stressed and dealing with the effects of this, rather than thriving and really enjoying herself and being creative. But, more importantly, that she could do something to change that. She now wants to help others do the same.

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Date and Location

Date: Wednesday 30 January 2019
Time: 14:00PM – 17:30PM

D&AD Studio

96 Hanbury Street, London, E1 5JL