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Born from the cumulative efforts of Lucienne Roberts and President Andy Sandoz, the D&AD Annual 2016 is so much more than just an Annual.

In line with Sandoz’ ‘education’ brief, it features interactive exercises created by B+A (formerly known as Ben&Andrew), based on lessons from D&AD’s Professional Development Trainers. Championing ‘win one, teach one’, the 54th Annual acts as an instructive tool for prospective winners, paving the way for future success. As Sandoz’ explains,“If you’re talented enough to win a Pencil, then you hold knowledge enough to teach another”.

With the launch of D&AD Impact in mind, this year’s Annual is our most sustainable yet. Each component of the book reflects this, from sustainable packaging to reducing the amount of ink used.  

This year’s Annual was designed by independent design practitioner Lucienne Roberts who runs a publishing venture on the side. She was briefed by Sandoz to make something completely different, something that could be written in, poured over and ultimately end up dog-eared and well-used.

A celebrated collection of the very best in design and advertising from across the globe, don’t miss the chance to own an iconic piece of D&AD history, order yours today.

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